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2014-07-20 11:47 am
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Oh, another one :)

Another prompt table, from [community profile] genprompt_bingo :

One of the Dispossessed I Walk through the Valley of Death Curry Night North America (Continent) Winter Feasts / Summer Barbeques and Picnics
Perpetual Motion Furnishing the Home Relative values: Families Be Still My Beating Heart Primal Instincts
Primary Colours Corsets, Costumes and Dressing Up Wild Card A Terrible Solution Hard and Soft
Weather Dusk Woobies Malaysia Farce
We're all going to die! Phobias Victorious Spiders (Giant, Radioactive, or otherwise unusual) Reincarnation

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2014-07-18 06:40 pm
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Bingo Prompt Card

Found a great site that generates bingo prompt cards. Grabbed this card to play around with:
Chaos and OrderAngerMagnificentThe Will to LiveIn the beginning sometimes, I left messages in the street.
Festivals of the Quarter (Independence Day, Ramadan, Pi Day)Plouging the Fields / Bringing in the HarvestAmbiguousEquinoxPhobias
Trick or TreatHeights and DepthsWild CardSpells and GeasesSoft
Blue Bird of HappinessCursesMutation / TransformationMind GamesHappy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
BlockbustersSleeplessness / insomniaOld and NewIt is a truth universally acknowledgedFasting