02 August 2014 @ 08:16 am
You have to listen to this!  

25 July 2014 @ 09:10 am
Help an author out...  
I am not one who throws financial support around lightly... I'm too poor myself... especially when it comes to things like 'oh, I have such a great idea, please send me money so I can make this idea a novel' type of pleas... as a writer I find that to be a slap in the face, but this isn't one of those kinds of pleas... Edward Lorn is an amazing indie horror writer who strives (and exceeds in) putting forth professional works.  Due to some health issues, he needs some help.  If you like horror, check out some of his works and if you have some cash, give him a hand!

25 July 2014 @ 08:56 am
 Random CSS check... please ignore...

I am so proud when I mess with the CSS and it is done correctly.

If 'proud' and 'correctly' are green, I did it!  

If not, back to the drawing board...
21 July 2014 @ 08:49 pm
Merlin and I say thank you :)  
Thank you [personal profile] zycroft , for the sweet El Paso Chihuahua t-shirts :) Here is Merlin in his:

 photo Merlin_zps27bd077a.jpg

20 July 2014 @ 11:47 am
Oh, another one :)  
Another prompt table, from [community profile] genprompt_bingo :

One of the Dispossessed I Walk through the Valley of Death Curry Night North America (Continent) Winter Feasts / Summer Barbeques and Picnics
Perpetual Motion Furnishing the Home Relative values: Families Be Still My Beating Heart Primal Instincts
Primary Colours Corsets, Costumes and Dressing Up Wild Card A Terrible Solution Hard and Soft
Weather Dusk Woobies Malaysia Farce
We're all going to die! Phobias Victorious Spiders (Giant, Radioactive, or otherwise unusual) Reincarnation

19 July 2014 @ 01:47 pm
Cross-post test...  
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18 July 2014 @ 06:40 pm
Bingo Prompt Card  
Found a great site that generates bingo prompt cards. Grabbed this card to play around with:
Chaos and OrderAngerMagnificentThe Will to LiveIn the beginning sometimes, I left messages in the street.
Festivals of the Quarter (Independence Day, Ramadan, Pi Day)Plouging the Fields / Bringing in the HarvestAmbiguousEquinoxPhobias
Trick or TreatHeights and DepthsWild CardSpells and GeasesSoft
Blue Bird of HappinessCursesMutation / TransformationMind GamesHappy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.
BlockbustersSleeplessness / insomniaOld and NewIt is a truth universally acknowledgedFasting

18 July 2014 @ 04:09 pm
 Returning to DW after a lengthy hiatus.  More to come.